Tax Strategies For Physicians | Jeffrey W. Bryson

Too often physicians either overlook some of their personal and business tax deductions or misunderstand how best to take full advantage of the deductions available to them. This article describes some year-end tax planning strategies. Read full article here

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Health Care Referrals Out of the Shadows | Trenton Brown

The rising cost of practicing medicine, the increase in health care regulations and enforcement in wake of the Affordable Care Act, and the prevalence of managed care have left physicians with a profession that is less profitable than it once was for many specialties. In response to these market changes, among other reasons, many physicians […]

CPOM: Where Money and Physician Judgment Collide | Mike Kreager, J.D., LL. M.

Any physician who has practiced medicine for any length of time has seen the line demarking management and the exercise of independent medical judgment clearly crossed. In the 1990s, a new hospital business model was to acquire gatekeeper practices, primarily family medicine, and internal medicine. The premise of the model was to control, or perhaps […]

Physicians Read Your Employment Contracts Before Signing It: Here’s Why | Micheal Kreager

Corporate Employment. The siren’s song of corporate employment is tantalizing … and effective. Survey after survey of employed physicians confirms corporations are gaining physician employment over private practices.1 As a corporate law attorney, I have read hundreds of corporate employment agreements. This article will share the positives and negatives of corporate employment that might not […]

Sanctity of Contracts | Michael Kreager & Trenton Emory

Contracts are unpleasant but necessary. Every medical practice has contracts: employment contracts, office and equipment leases, equipment and software maintenance agreements, supplier and vendor agreements, patient agreements, buy-sell agreements… In a contract, each side promises something in exchange for the other side’s promise. I promise to make your office available in exchange for your promise […]

Getting Paid for Your Practice at Retirement | Mike Kreager

Every day 10,000 Americans turn 65 (AARP website). As of the end of 2018, 28% of Texas’ physicians were over age 60 compared to 19% who were under age 40 (AMA Physician Masterfile 2019 n=64,382). A large bolus of physicians is approaching retirement. If you are among those physicians who want to retire, how do […]