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Estate Planning Attorneys: Providing the solutions you need to ensure your estate and assets are in safe hands


Estate Planning

At KreagerMitchell, we understand the importance of protecting your legacy and assets for future generations. Our dedicated team of lawyers specializes in estate planning, offering comprehensive services tailored to meet your unique needs. 

From drafting wills to safeguarding commercial assets, we are committed to providing you with the peace of mind that your estate is in safe hands. Let us guide you through the intricacies of estate planning, ensuring that your wishes are honored and your loved ones are provided for.

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Estate Planning Attorneys

KreagerMitchell provides legal advice and planning services to estate planning clients. This includes:

Planning for the lifetime management of assets and the ultimate disposition of an estate is a must for individuals and families of all ages.

The estate planning attorneys at Kreager Mitchell are experienced in developing estate plans designed to meet their client’s personal, financial and tax goals. We assist with the preparation of wills, trust agreements, powers of attorney and advanced directives that effectively implement our clients' personal wishes. Our attorneys counsel high-net-worth clients on matters involving the transfer of wealth during life and at death and the avoidance of possible gift and estate taxes.

The administration of an individual’s estate is a necessary step after a death to facilitate the transfer of assets from one generation to the next. The passing of a family member can be a difficult time and the probate attorneys at Kreager Mitchell assist our clients through the administration process with compassion and professionalism. We guide individual and institutional executors through estate administrations with Texas probate courts and advise on the completion of any necessary estate tax reporting with the IRS.

Trusts can be an important part of any estate plan, whether established for minor children or as part of a client’s comprehensive tax planning strategy. Since family situations are dynamic and applicable law changes over time, trusts may need to be revisited and altered in order to better suit the original purpose of the document. The attorneys at Kreager Mitchell are well versed in the options available to amend or modify both revocable and irrevocable trusts to ensure that the trust assets continue to benefit future generations.

Our team can play a crucial role in both business succession planning and estate planning, providing strategic guidance to ensure a seamless transition of assets and leadership within a company while safeguarding personal and business legacies for future generations.

Charitable gift planning, including charitable trusts and private foundations, can be an important part of an estate plan, both for tax savings and as a way to continue to support certain organizations. The team at Kreager Mitchell can help clients identify the most appropriate vehicle for charitable giving which benefits the donor and charitable beneficiary.

The use of a special or supplemental needs trust is an integral part of any estate plan for the family of a child or adult who is receiving or may receive public benefits in the future. The attorneys at Kreager Mitchell are experienced in advising families of individuals with special needs on the options available to both preserve assets and ensure the best care possible. We also advise on the possible use of pooled trusts and ABLE accounts and how they can best benefit families as part of a comprehensive estate plan.

The guardianship of a family member can be an overwhelming yet unavoidable process that necessitates the involvement of the probate court and medical professionals. Our experienced guardianship attorneys are uniquely qualified to guide families of incapacitated adults through the guardianship process.

We focus our guardianship practice on assisting families who have children with special needs turning 18 and the establishment and ongoing management of trusts created by the probate court in guardianship matters with complex assets. We are also often appointed by the court as attorney ad litem and guardian ad litem for allegedly incapacitated adults in complex matters.


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