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Real estate law

At Kreager Mitchell, our real estate practice group is dedicated to guiding clients through every step of their real estate journey. Using a comprehensive approach, we deliver flexible, creative, and cost-effective solutions to address even the most challenging issues in the industry. From complex transactions to intricate legal matters, our team is well-equipped to provide advice and support. 

Real Estate Law Attorneys

We specialize in a wide range of real estate services, including but not limited to:

Real estate assets are often among our most valuable assets, and the purchase or sale of real estate should be handled with great care and attention to maximize its value. Our attorneys can assist you at every point of your real estate transaction, whether it be commercial, residential, or mineral property.

We can advise and negotiate everything from contract review or drafting, through title insurance and the closing of the transaction. We will work with brokers and the title company to ensure a seamless process for you.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord – or both – there are many different needs to consider when dealing with real property interests that will serve other people. When leasing, it is important to have guidance to make sure that your specific needs are met and agreed to rather than relying on a one size fits all approach.

Our team is ready to assist you and advise you in leasing, renting, and managing property. We can draft lease agreements that meet your needs and advise on best management of leased property and tenant relationships. We will help ensure that your leasing arrangement is beneficial to you, meets your stated goals and protects your interests.

Property development may involve multiple parties with varied concerns, and permitting or regulatory hurdles that seem insurmountable. Our real estate team can provide guidance and representation for all of your real estate development needs, from financing and acquisition to zoning, permitting and easements, and later the construction, leasing and sale of the property.

We can help you navigate legal hurdles that may otherwise cause significant delays to project completion and help keep you on track to complete your project.

Real estate joint ventures require multiple parties to work together and use their resources, whether that be capital or expertise or both, to develop a real estate project. The joint venture agreement should be drafted so that each party signing is aware of the goals of the joint venture and the contributions, profit share, and responsibilities of all parties. It is essential to the success of the joint venture that each party feels that their interests are adequately represented and has an understanding of the legal and practical framework.

Our attorneys can assist with structuring the joint venture and negotiating a joint venture agreement that will maximize the potential for a successful venture.

Whether you are a developer, contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or owner, our real estate team can help you with all your legal needs during the construction process. We can negotiate on your behalf regarding the legalities of financing, regulation concerns, contracting with subcontractors or designers, construction bonds, and all other parts of the construction process.

Whether you are an owner renovating their first home, or a seasoned contractor, our attorneys will be able to assist with all legal matters arising from your project.

Our oil and gas team has experience representing individuals and entities holding various interests in oil, gas, and other mineral properties. We represent mineral and surface estate owners and operators and can provide a range of legal services. We can assist you with the negotiation and drafting of mineral leases, purchase and sale agreements, surface agreements, letters of intent, and similar agreements.


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